Rikfam always has in stock spare parts for any type of products manufactured. We have spare parts for products manufactured by us but can also fabricate any element or part of any container, baler or compactor for any client. We are also able to make tailor made production for special need or for special types of containers.

We always keep in stock the following spare parts:

  • Wheels for hook containers including asphalt as well as for tipp containers
  • Plates, pipes, profiles for any type of containers or compactor
  • Hydraulic system of any kind
  • Air cylinder
  • Locking mechanisms of various designs for hook containers
  • Aluminium walls for transportflaks
  • ISO locks
  • Hook devices
  • Nets of various types and dimensions for all kinds of containers
  • Lids made of aluminium and/or steel for lift containers
  • Plastic lids for any kombi container
  • Back and side doors for any hook containers
  • Doors for windows of any kind of lift containers
  • And many more spare parts are constantly in stock or can promptly be manufactured

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Address: Virbi 18-17, Tallinn, Estonia

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